Checkpoint Systems

RFID & Loss Prevention Solutions


RF-RFID Antennas

NP10 - NP20

reinventing traditional antennas

Sleek, powerfull, revolutionary

UF1 - RFID Underfloor Antenna

Invisible detection RFID as EAS
More flexibility in store designs without compromising loss prevention

Overhead Antenna

Overhead 2.0 serves as an EAS system that alarms and identifies stolen merchandise, improving operations at the point-of-exit while enhancing the customer shopping experience by helping to ensure merchandise availability, giving retailers unprecedented confidence and flexibility in optimizing their stores for intelligent merchandise availability.

G35 Antenna

Part of the EVOLVE iRange family, the EVOLVE iRange G35 will fi t perfectly into any environment, without impacting your customers. The Plexiglas design and integrated LEDs - which can be set to permanent on or when the antenna is alarmed - is perfect for those retailers who want top design without sacrifi cing performance. The optional integrated people counter units enable retailers to discreetly and accurately capture visitor numbers, which can then be automatically uploaded to a reporting service of choice.

E10 Antenna

The E10 2.0 allows retailers to feature an antenna solution that blends well with store aesthetics and offers additional opportunities for store advertising. Available as RF only, RF/RFID dual technology and RFID only, the E10 2.0 supports Checkpoint’s unique One Tag™ approach, using a single RFID tag for inventory visibility and loss prevention; protecting the retailer’s investment by supporting a simple migration from traditional EAS to RFID.