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Checkpoint celebrates 50 years of ingenuity with market-first intelligent retail solutions at EuroCIS 2019

Checkpoint Systems, the only vertically integrated solution provider for retail, has delivered ingenious solutions to retailers for five decades. Today, it announced at EuroCIS (19-21 February 2019) that the company is showcasing an array of intelligent retail solutions that drive profits, earnings per share and an enhanced experience on stand A70 in Hall 10.


A History of Ingenuity

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Checkpoint is leading the charge into 2019 with an array of electronic article surveillance and RFID hardware, software, and Internet of Things (IoT) connected store solutions that maximise profitability and the customer experience. 


It’s All About Action!

At EuroCIS 2019, Checkpoint is demonstrating how its unique HALO platform is helping retailers improve the consumer experience and improve financial performance. HALO drives intelligent actions to achieve successful outcomes. Combining real-time, scheduled and predictive actions driven by multiple sensors in a retail store, HALO goes beyond a dashboard, giving retailers the power to minimise friction in the shopper journey, while maximising sales -- significantly improving store operations and efficiencies leading to improved financial performance and happy customers.


High Performance Personalisation

Completely unique to Checkpoint and launching in 2019 is its new high-performance personalisation service. Retailers are spending millions on store design with the aim of luring shoppers away from their electronic devices into a welcoming and exciting environment, making their stores a destination of choice. These stores need more than standard electronic article surveillance (EAS) designs at their doors. Checkpoint’s design service team works with a retailer’s own store designers to develop personalised antenna that complement the store design. The individual creations are powered by Checkpoint’s market-leading connected electronics platform, delivering beautiful designs with best-in-class performance without compromise.


Secure Frictionless

Increasingly retailers are recognising that an uplift in sales via frictionless channels can soon be undone by the level of losses incurred. Stores need a way to give freedom and flexibility to the customer – maximising convenience while still minimising loss. Checkpoint is demonstrating its secure frictionless capabilities, demonstrating how retailers can verify and protect products from theft by utilising artificial intelligence, image and weight verification, while facilitating frictionless transactions -- enhancing the customer experience and preventing profit erosion.


Lowest Cost Scanning

Effective use of data is fundamental in improving financial performance and the consumer experience. Tag scanning is the process that delivers this data, but there is a cost associated with this and a quality requirement. Checkpoint is presenting a range of technology solutions aimed at lowest cost/highest compliance scanning to effectively drive efficiency in the data gathering process. It is demonstrating autonomous devices, fixed infrastructure hardware as well as wearable technologies with the objective of providing a complete set of solutions for retailers’ differing needs. The aim is to improve in-store efficiencies and boost sales and profitability.


Linking Physical and Virtual Worlds

In retail, item level clarity is essential, from manufacturing through to shipping, receiving, distribution and in-store. Only when retailers have a complete picture of their inventory can they take intelligent actions to maximise the value of that inventory. Integrating RF/RFID sensors into labelling is the most efficient method of delivering item level identification. Checkpoint is demonstrating its broad range of RFID and RF label design and manufacturing capabilities together with its full-service label manufacturing capabilities.


Focusing on Organised Retail Crime – Benefit Denial as a Platform

Checkpoint is also revealing its ground-breaking solution to tackle organised retail crime (ORC) – the increasingly destructive criminal behaviour affecting retailers, brands and profits.


New to the Alpha range, Enforcer is the only solution on the market today that effectively prevents ORC. The innovative patent-pending solution activates when products are removed from the store without deactivation, resulting in the stolen items being visibly marked. This destroys the resell value of high-shrink products and prevents future ORC events at that store.


John Dargan, president of Checkpoint US, said, “We are continuously collaborating with our retailer partners to provide EAS and RFID solutions that enhance their financial performance. As we enter our next 50 years of industry leadership, our HALO platform is designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency that will optimise success for our retail customers. Checkpoint is committed to offering best-in-class connected store solutions that drive profitability, earnings per share and an optimised customer experience. “


See the Solutions in Action

For more information and to see Checkpoint’s intelligent retail solutions in action, visit Checkpoint Systems at EuroCIS 2019 from 19-21 February 2019 in Hall 10, stand A70 or visit

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