Myymälävarkaudet maailmanlaajuisen pandemian aikana

Clothes on a rail highlighting an RFID chip

Pandemia on vaikuttanut suuresti vähittäismyyntialaan. Kuukausia kestäneiden sulkutoimien sekä sosiaaliseen etäisyyteen liittyvien sääntöjen ja uusien työskentelysäännösten käyttöönoton jälkeen monilla vähittäismyyjillä ja brändeillä on yhä vaikeuksia sopeutua ”uuteen normaaliin”. Monet tutkimukset ovat ennustaneet, että COVID-19-pandemia vaikuttaa vähittäismyyntialaan voimakkaammin kuin vuoden 2008 maailmanlaajuinen finanssikriisi. Monet maat ympäri maailman ajautuvat taantumaan. Monet vähittäismyyjät ovat jo huomanneet taloudellisen tilanteen […]

Don’t let self-checkout walk-aways, get away!

Self-Checkouts (SCO) offer retailers labour cost savings and their customers improved convenience. With increased convenience can come increased losses, and stores where 55-60% of transactions went through Fixed SCO can expect their shrinkage losses to be 31% higher than non SCO stores, according to the recent ECR Group report* . Walk-aways, where final payment is […]

NFC Customer Experience

    Now more than ever digital channels are critically important for retailers, however this creates the challenge of an ever more complex customer journey across multiple online and offline touchpoints.  The one thing that consumers expect is a consistent brand experience regardless of their choice of touchpoint. Enter NFC. There are over 2 billion […]

Topping off our designer S20 antenna with your logo

S20 line up with customizable cap

    With its excellent detection and a minimal footprint, the S20 antenna provides retailers across the world with highly effective RF EAS protection, without detracting from the overall store design. “The S20 is proving to be very popular. Its unique design is being broadly adopted by a cross section of retailers, from Fashion to […]

Sync & Swim

RFID Adoption

  “Coincidence: a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance” The evidence is pretty compelling to support the fact that those retailers that were early to digitise their operations, to adopt RFID for inventory management and to drive that visibility to their consumers are those that are surviving, […]

Kolme vinkkiä Black Fridayn pimeän puolen välttämiseksi

Vuosittainen ostostapahtuma Black Friday lähestyy nopeaa tahtia. Samalla vähittäismyyjät ovat valmistautumassa liikenteen lisääntymiseen myymälöissä ja verkossa, kun asioista perillä olevat ostajat haluavat ottaa haluttujen tuotteiden alennuksista kaiken irti.   Myymälävarkaat aiheuttavat vähittäismyyjille harmaita hiuksia ympäri vuoden. Mahdollisuus hyödyntää myymälöissä vallitseva ruuhka ja äärirajoilleen vietyjen vähittäismyyjien kiire luo tavallista houkuttelevamman tilanteen, jota varkaiden on vaikea vastustaa. […]

Checkpoint Systems’ revolutionary NS40 antenna protects La Despensa against theft

  – The supermarket chain has selected the loss prevention solution for its easy deployment, with no floor cutting – It has also chosen the SmartOccupancy solution to control occupancy in real-time to protect staff and customers during the pandemic          The Spanish, family-owned La Despensa supermarket chain has announced that it […]

The importance of food label selection

FOOD LABELLING: Safety first Shoplifting has plagued retailers for many years and in the grocery market, there has been a notable increase in the theft of food. The need to prevent shoplifting is well known and the latest labelling innovations are enabling stores to reduce shrinkage on a diverse range of merchandise – ensuring products […]

The ‘digital divide’ is widening

Outstanding Customer Experience and Prompt Omni-channel fulfilment are a necessity, they are expected from consumers. In an era where shopping is done at the touch of a button and in-store shopping habits have been dramatically impacted, retailers can no longer compete with the current retail model. This includes how they manage their inventory. “The coronavirus […]

Introducing our “Kona” label

When the new going out is staying in, don’t let uncomfortable apparel labels confine your sales. Whether the latest luxury loungewear or a set of thermal pyjamas – an embedded RFID tag has to be of absolute comfort. At Checkpoint we care about how our apparel labels feel against skin and have developed a label […]