Why is it important to choose the right label partner?

Why is it important to choose the right label partner?

Interview with Miguel Guillo, General Manager of Checkpoint ALS Iberia & Morocco

Why are labels so important?

Labels are a fundamental part of any garment or piece of footwear. Labels provide important information to the consumer, size, price, care instructions. Labels also communicates the Brand to the consumer, therefore, they play an important part in the consumers decision to purchase.

Why is it important to choose the right global partner to develop the labelling?

Many apparel and footwear brands operate on a global scale, and the majority will have a team of graphic designers and decision-makers in their global or regional headquarters. However, the production of labels is often outsourced to label companies based in different parts of the world, depending on where the merchandise is being manufactured.

This makes the apparel retail sector highly complex. Finding the right partner to develop cost-effective, high quality labelling programs, with the flexibility to meet such complex demands, is critically important.

What would be the key points to consider when choosing the right label partner?

There are a number of key factors the retailer should consider when selecting a label partner:

  • Is it financially secure, can it be a long term strategic partner?
  • Does it have a global footprint?
  • Does it offer a wide label portfolio?
  • Does it demonstrate quality control programs and procedures?
  • Does it utilize online tools to manage workflow on global projects?
  • Is it demonstrably committed to environmentally friendly products, processes, and plants?
  • Is it demonstrably committed to Corporate Social Responsibility? Does it develop and support its people?

Why do some of the largest fashion retailers choose Checkpoint Systems as their labelling partner?

Checkpoint Systems is part of CCL group (www.cclind.com) a CAD $5Billion publically traded company that is also one of the largest label companies in the world.

It has a specific division (ALS) that offers a one stop solution for apparel labels on a global scale. Checkpoint Systems has a physical presence in more than 20 countries and it’s own production facilities around in China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain, Morocco and Mexico.  It is in this development of global footprint and continual investment in expansion of capacity and capability that retailers are assured of our long term financial stability. 

Checkpoint is vertically integrated from RFID inlay design to chip bonding, antenna production, label printing or weaving, label converting, variable data printing and EPC encoding, we handle every part of the production and application process.

All our processes have been specifically developed to ensure label consistency, regardless of where in the world the production takes place – something we know is a prerequisite for many retailers and brand owners. We deliver  this because we own our production facilities, with consistent and robust quality control programs ensuring Checkpoint remains at the forefront of label manufacturing.

What can a customer expect from Checkpoint?

Complete commitment. At Checkpoint we partner with strong brands who have very clear performance requirements. Delivering on these challenging requirements is what differentiates Checkpoint. Checkpoint is relentless in its drive for improvement across all industry requirements.

Checkpoint has broad capabilities and extensive capacity to meet apparel retailers’ labelling needs wherever that might be in the world. We have become a key supplier to some of the largest and best-known retailers in the world, who entrust their labelling development and supply programs to Checkpoint as part of their global supply chain.

Finally, Checkpoint leads the industry in on-line technology which is specifically designed to improve the speed and accuracy of front-end processes. All customers have access to our innovative CheckNet system, which has been developed specifically for apparel brands and retailers. It allows them to coordinate all the development and supply programs through one platform, ensuring global projects are delivered efficiently and on time.

Should you need any further information about the advantages and solutions that are available from Checkpoint, please contact us

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About Checkpoint Systems

A division of CCL Industries, Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. With consumer demands accelerating at an extraordinary rate driven by technology, Checkpoint delivers intelligent solutions – bringing clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere. Through a unique offering of software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud-based solutions, Checkpoint optimizes retail operations and efficiencies with real-time intuitive data delivered throughout the supply chain and in-store resulting in improved profitability and an enriched consumer experience. Checkpoint’s intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.