Powerful, hidden detection

The EVOLVE F10 offers retailers a hidden underfloor RF EAS system for those requiring an unseen but effective loss prevention solution.

  • Clean, robust design built to withstand all retail environments

  • F10 units can be coupled to protect wide store entrances

  • Use as standalone solution, or couple with traditional antennas to enhance detection

Perfect solution for apparel retailers
with hard tags

Offers invisible protection
against loss

Remote maintenance
support 24/7

Can be installed with a range
of flooring materials on top


The F10 is 1 metre (3.8') long
The EVOLVE F10 can be installed in different configurations to offer different levels of detection.

The F10 can detect up to 1.4m above ground.

Radio Frequency (RF) 7.4 to 8.7MHz


  • F10 units can be coupled together to protect wide store entrances

  • Can be added to traditional antenna solution to increase overall aisle width and to increase detection

  • Remote Service capable

  • F10 has been designed to be tough, once installed, with no serviceable access required

  • Real-time monitoring via HALO Connected Solutions


Underfloor protection

For stores either with wide entrances or looking to minimize the visual impact of RF EAS protection, the EVOLVE F10 is an ideal solution. Hidden underfloor at the shop's entrance, the F10 can either be installed standalone, coupled with another F10 to cover greater distance or in addition to traditional antenna, such as the EVOLVE P10 to enhance detection.

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