Prototyping and approving physical samples has often been one of the biggest hurdles in the creative process to overcome, causing delays and bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. With Checkpoint’s latest advancement to our CheckProof system, we can help to streamline your digital development workflow


Bringing global teams together

The pandemic may have accelerated the need for greater digital collaborative tools for brands to communicate internally and with partners, but the need for a robust and transparent development tool for creative teams has been imperative long before this.

Whilst it may feel that the world is getting smaller, with brands now able to more easily access customers worldwide, this also increases the pressure on designers and manufacturers alike to ensure consistency across all designs and production qualities.

Suppliers and partners also feel this pressure, as they look to provide the very best quality products to brands and minimise the potential for error during the creative and manufacturing process.

CheckProof, Checkpoint’s global art & development solution, has been enabling global teams to complete more with less resources for several years, offering creatives one source-of-truth with online tools to check colour, verify barcodes and request edits directly with the artist.

With the latest addition to the CheckProof service, brands can truly get closer to their designs without the need to wait for physical samples, getting them from proposal to product quicker than every before.


Enhanced approval process with Checkproof

Using the latest technologies, Checkpoint customers can now view and interact with genuine samples of their labels digitally through their CheckProof account.

Inspect your labels and trim items with a 360 degree, interactive image. Rotate, zoom in and out and fully interrogate your design to make sure it’s up to the standards your brand demands.

Like what you see? Spot something you’d like to change? Not a problem! The new improvements to CheckProof allows you to measure, proof and comment as before but now featuring much higher quality digital imagery of your work than ever before, so you can be confident that what you’re seeing is what will be produced.


Full confidence from design to the finished article

Using technology to speed up and make the digital approval process more efficient is great for getting your concepts to production more easily, and also reduces the environmental impact of your development because, in the past, we all know that physical samples could look very different from what you’ve approved for development.

With Checkpoint’s rigorous production processes and checks, you can ensure the highest quality in manufacturing and complete consistency across all our global production sites. The files you interact with are the actual files used for production, eliminating risks associated with version error. This means that you can be confident that your approved designs will arrive as expected and complete control over immediate lifecycle changes to your items.

If you’d like to learn more and explore our latest digital developments to upgrade your label production possibilities, contact the team today.

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