The retail market has seen some significant changes in the past 12 months, with innovation at the fore as the world came to terms with operating during a pandemic. Many of these new developments, including technologies from Checkpoint, were on show in the Best Retail Cases Awards.

The Best Retail Cases Awards are presented at regular intervals in Germany to outstanding examples from the retail and manufacturing industries, in which modern technologies and services are used for the benefit of customers and companies. The winners were chosen by an expert jury, which included representatives of renowned companies and media outlets in the country, but crucially also included the vendors and users being able to choose their favorites among the cases themselves. In total, more than 4,300 votes were cast in the competition.


Category: Retail Store Design

Checkpoint Systems participated with two cases in the category "Retail Store Design" and was able to convince both jury and user:  The case "Increase in sales of clothing brands thanks to RFID solutions" (user: fashion manufacturer LPP | Provider: Checkpoint Systems)"  achieved second place in the jury voting, while the case "Increased protection of O2 stores through goods security (User: Telefónica Deutschland | Provider: Checkpoint Systems)" came in first place.


First place in user voting: Goods security for O2

Telefónica Deutschland, a leading telecommunications provider, was looking for goods security solutions for all branches of the core brand O2 in Germany. The brief was to offer a solution that fits into the new overall design of the stores seamlessly and enable an open presentation of goods. Checkpoint Systems supplies, among other things, four different EAS antennas from the current portfolio as well as AutoPeg tags specially adapted for O2 to prevent shoplifting. Instead of standard yellow, the AutoPeg tags are supplied in white with blue lettering, matching the store design of O2.

The design of the security antennas placed in the entrance area, which no longer have anything in common with the classic "gate look" of many older antennas, played a major role in the decision for Telefonica to select Checkpoint Systems as a goods security partner.

The full case study, in German, is available to read on the Best Retail website.


Second place in the jury voting: RFID solution for LPP

The Polish retail company LPP with the clothing brands Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay has implemented RFID technology in more than 450 stores together with Checkpoint Systems. The implementation is being prepared for another 900. Since then, sales have increased by three per cent, inventory accuracy and shelf availability have been increased to 99 per cent, and the duration of the checkout process has been reduced by an average of 70 per cent. Even during the pandemic-related store closures, the advantages of Checkpoint Systems' RFID solutions were evident in the transition to online-only sales.

Checkpoint Systems developed a special dual RF and RFID tag for LPP that blended harmoniously into the aesthetics and overall design of the stores without delaying the tight overall schedule. With this dual tag designed for LPP, all garments have already been marked at the source (in collaboration with LPP's suppliers), while in parallel two distribution centers have been equipped with 30 RFID tunnels in less than a year that can read and encode these tags.

The full case study, in German, is available to read on the Best Retail website.


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