Tune in to Bloomberg TV to find out how we are transforming retail through our leading solutions

Checkpoint Systems was selected this year to be a part of the popular television series on Bloomberg TV. In the everchanging world of retail, utilizing technology to minimize risk and maximize profit has never been more important. Checkpoint Systems is a worldwide leader in Electronic Article Surveillance, Product Protection, and Apparel Labeling Solutions, that are designed to help retailers reduce theft and operate more profitably.

“We think their story will be meaningful as well as educational to our viewers” said Kyle Freeman, Executive Producer of the show.

The upcoming episode neatly shows how Checkpoint's RF and RFID technologies are enabling retailers around the globe to protect their merchandise. By delivering this, Checkpoint is helping ensure their products are always available when the consumer wants to make a purchase. This is more important now than ever before, as consumers increasingly expect their shopping experience to be faultless whether it's in a physical or digital store.

“We are delighted to have been singled out for our track record in delivering world leading, innovative retail technology solutions” said Eric McNaul, VP Sales & Customer Operations.

The episode was broadcast on Bloomberg TV on August 13th and August 20th.  The "World's Greatest" video can now be viewed below, and will also be available on "The World's Greatest" website.

We've been helping retailers solve their problems for over 50 years with intelligent retail technology solutions to protect profits, products and people. The film will explain how our unique offering of software, hardware, and labels benefits stores, as well as showcasing how our integrated service provision allows us to design, manufacture and install all of our own solutions.