StrapLokTM helps Praxis protect luxury range of taps and high-value tools

Praxis – part of the Maxeda retail group – is the largest DIY retailer in Benelux. It operates a diverse range of outlets, including superstores and small high street stores, as well as having an online presence. In total, the company runs more than 370 stores, with chains such as Plan-it by Praxis and Formido in the Netherlands, and Brico and Plan-it in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The retailer sells a wide range of merchandise, including power tools and luxury bathroom taps. Unfortunately, these desirable products are also very popular with shoplifters and susceptible to theft. As a result, Checkpoint spoke with the managers at two stores – Praxis Apeldoorn (franchiser) and Praxis Drunen (branch) – to find out how they reduced shrinkage on two specific product categories.


Praxis was experiencing a number of issues with the availability of luxury bathroom taps. Despite its order system indicating that these products were in stock, the reality was they were none available. On further examination, the retailer found that the Grohe brand was particularly affected with shoplifters targeting its easy to conceal range of products.

Having identified the problem, the team implemented a new solution. However, the results were not as positive as they had hoped. Primarily, this was because the device alarmed every time a customer touched the merchandise. Although dishonest customers were deterred from stealing the products, customers were also put off and were unable to interact with the range and view the product information. Not only that, it was also very labor-intensive for store staff who had to constantly turn off the alarm, using the appropriate key/detacher.

As a result, Checkpoint presented Praxis with its StrapLok™ solution and after a short trial the retailer immediately placed an order. Remon Bonte, who has worked at the company for over 19 years, commented: “The StrapLok instantly minimised false alarms which made a huge difference for the customer. For store staff, it also meant that we could deal with every alarm effectively as we knew it was a legitimate issue. It is a perfect solution because it’s easy to apply, allows customers to interact with the product and protects merchandise.”

Praxis has been using the StrapLok across its estate for over four months and has steadily increased the number in use. At first, the solution was used to protect products with a value of €150+, but that has now been brought down to €80.


Praxis’ store in Drunen had similar challenges. It found that shoplifters were removing luxury taps and power tools from their packaging and leaving empty boxes on the shelves. As a result, a three-month trial was ordered by head office, with StrapLok tags applied to products across a range of product categories.

Jos van Lith, who manages the Drunen store and has worked at Praxis since 1990, said: “Since implementing the StrapLok, we no longer find empty packaging on our shelves. It has been highly successful because it is reliable and easy to use, while we do not suffer from false alarms and can deal with each problem very effectively. Ultimately, this solution has reduced shrinkage of Grohe taps and hand tool boxes from Makita, Bosch and Worx.”

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