Bonnet a Pompon

Bonnet a Pompon

Bonnet à Pompon enhances customer experience with Checkpoint

Spanish fashion retailer Bonnet à Pompon owns six stores in Spain (Madrid, La Corunna, Oviedo, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Valencia) and several concession in El Corte Inglés centres – four in Madrid, one in Pamplona and another in Valencia, as well as a store in Ryad (Saudi Arabia). The company’s plans include expanding further afield to either Mexico or Asia in the short-term.

The challenge

Being a high-end fashion retailer, Bonnet à Pompon strives to ensure its garments are of the utmost quality and that its customers receive unparalleled service. It therefore required a seamless and effective way to monitor the journey of each product, to ensure its merchandise was consistently available both online and in store.

How Checkpoint Systems responded

To help Bonnet à Pompon achieve maximum efficiency across its operations, Checkpoint recommended implementing its RFID-based solution, TransACT. This comprised of a handheld barcode reader scanner in each store to collect information on stock levels as well as product location – connected to the TransACT smartphone app, the data is managed and stored in the cloud.

The fashion chain also deployed a RFID label printers to identify each individual garment located in its stores and warehouses.

The results

Bonnet à Pompon was very pleased with the RFID label coding and the information obtained on merchandise both in physical stores and online. With improved efficiency in stock-taking and locating of products, the company has also been able to provide better customer service.

“We strive to ensure that the comfort, creativity and authenticity of our collections is reflected in the shopping experien-ce we offer our customers. Collaboration with Checkpoint Systems takes us closer to this goal, allowing us to locate our merchandise and have it constantly available.”

 CEO of Bonnet à Pompon, José Luis Villar

The Checkpoint programe delivered five key benefits:

  1. Increased sales through reducing out-of-stock scenarios
  2. Improved reliability across the supply chain
  3. Daily inventory accuracy close to 100%
  4. Increased inventory accuracy
  5. Enhanced efficiency during stock takes
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