Brand Integrity

Checkpoint understands the importance labels play in developing and maintaining your brand’s integrity, and so we have built consistency and quality control into our processes from the very beginning of each and every development project.

From a creative perspective, labels help to reinforce your brand voice. They give brand awareness when set against your competition. When communicating to your target audience labels and tickets help to build the identity they aspire to.

Labels work on a practical level as well; they are the primary way your customer identifies the size they want and price. Ease and speed of identification are key to customer engagement in the sales process. Clear and consistent labeling is vital.

RFID Brand Integrity

For store operations, omnichannel supply, and merchandising, the use of RFID and variable data on swing tickets and stickers helps your staff to manage store merchandising and stock availability to maximize your return on Investment.

Consistency, quality, and production compliance are vital to ensure that your labels and tickets have maximum impact.


What does Checkpoint offer you to achieve brand integrity?

At Checkpoint, we start with the artwork and specification, which is managed through our central design and manufacturing portal such that all sites use the same artwork and production specification.



ALS Specification


This avoids any issues with version control and ensures that updates are communicated globally at the same time and implemented correctly.

As our global footprint is made up of Checkpoint-owned plants, we can ensure all our production locations operate to our quality consistency program. Each location has a dedicated team who follow exactly the same testing and quality control procedures, ensuring total control of the end-to-end production process, no matter which production site manufactures your labels.

Our quality control processes ensure you have traceability and the reassurance that your brand name is in safe hands.


ALS Checkproof


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also key to Checkpoint. Labels and tickets carry your brand name so ensuring the production is certified and socially responsible is not negotiable.  Checkpoint-owned production plants have annual SMETA audits and carry environmental and sustainable certifications.

For more information on how Checkpoint can help you to elevate your brand integrity please contact one of our team.


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A division of CCL Industries, Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. With consumer demands accelerating at an extraordinary rate driven by technology, Checkpoint delivers intelligent solutions – bringing clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere through a unique offering of software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud-based solutions. 

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