What do your woven labels say about your brand?

Ensuring a potential customer can identify your product clearly and as early as possible in the buying decision is a quick win.  Woven labels are one of the few packaging components that can be permanently attached to a product throughout its life.  This makes them a vital component in building and reinforcing your brand identity and customer loyalty.  Woven labels are a great tool to make a product stand out from the crowd.

Whether a brand has a rustic heritage feel or an ultra-clean aesthetic, we work with brands of all shapes and sizes to design and produce woven labels that suit their needs. The Checkpoint global team is here to ensure that your woven labels are the best representation of your brand that they can be.

Starting with the design of the label, our team will take your visuals and apply production techniques that bring it to life. For example, we can use weaving structures to deliver different textures, Starting with the design of the label, our team will take your visuals and apply production techniques that bring it to life. For example, we can use weaving structures to deliver different textures, such as twill or herringbone effects, that provide a rustic look, while superfine yarns and high definition qualities can produce a label which, to the naked eye, has the clarity of print.

Applying special weave structures adds interest to your label, delivers a premium finish and does not add any cost to the label. Woven labels also allow you to use colour in your design, from our looms that use up to eight colours to create a replica of a logo, through to the other extreme where only a single colour is used. Here, tone-on-tone labels use weaving techniques, along with the gloss/matt effect of warp and weft, to give you a subtle but effective design from an individual colour scheme.

The way your label is finished can also completely change its look and feel. For consumer comfort and to ensure your labels remain attached to your products for as long as possible they need to be soft and smooth.  Using ultrasound technology to cut and seal the edges of your label means there is no fraying or burning of the edge, giving a very smooth finished label.

The shape of your label can also be a unique selling point. The standard label finishing of end fold, loop fold and mitre fold are great for internal brand labels as they work with all garment constructions. For more decorative labelling, the use of die-cutting and laser cutting gives unlimited options on complex designs.

As we all work towards improving the way we use the world’s resources, your woven labels can help deliver against your sustainability objectives. Importantly, Checkpoint offers a full range of sustainable woven label options, including recycled polyester yarns and cotton labels.

Checkpoint’s recycled polyester is made from post-industrial waste but works in the same way as standard virgin polyester making it easy to give your woven labels a sustainable advantage without compromising the design.

Checkpoint’s global production team works with customers to develop the most effective woven label to ensure their branding works as hard as possible for your product. Our productions sites in 20 locations provide a network to produce your label as close to your product source, with the reassurance of global consistency and compliance.

Contact us and let us know about your project. 

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