America’s Largest Family Owned Department Store Decreases Shrink While Increasing Sales with Checkpoint’s CableLok System

Boscov’s Employs Checkpoint Retail Security Solution for High-end Outerwear Brands

THOROFARE, N.J. – Sept. 27, 2018 – –Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), RFID solutions and Alpha High-Theft Solutions for the retail industry, today announced that Boscov’s is employing its CableLok® retail security system to reduce shrink while lifting sales in a number of its stores.

For more than 100 years, Boscov’s has been the country’s largest family-owned department store. Like other retailers, it continually faced the challenge of discouraging shoplifting without negatively impacting sales. Often retailers lock up expensive merchandise to prevent theft, but this requires employees to come to customers’ assistance with keys, etc. The downside is that if customers can’t get the help they need within a matter of minutes, they often leave without making a purchase.

CableLok features seven strand aircraft cable, flashing LED and an amplified alarm for the ultimate in security no matter the application. Its 48-inch lanyard version is ideal for apparel such as coats and dresses, as well as men’s and women’s suits. 2 Alarm CableLoks enable open merchandising and free movement in the store which, in turn, minimizes sales assistance requirements.

Based upon its needs, the 50-store chain chose to deploy the 2-Alarm CableLok for its high-end outwear brands, such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. The new system replaced an inflexible mechanical cabling system that was tied to the rack and required employees to disconnect and reconnect apparel when customers wanted to evaluate or purchase merchandise.  Customers complained about the process required to try on apparel, and the system sometimes malfunctioned, beeping continually until an associate was able to determine the issue and silence it.

According to Mike Conaway, director of risk management and loss prevention for Boscov’s, since implementing CableLok in a number of its stores, there has been an increase in sales and customers are delighted with increased access to the outerwear. “The initial testing of CableLok was immediately successful because the system is easy to use, requires no maintenance and associates can be trained to use it in a manner of minutes.”

Conway estimates that since implementation, shrink has declined about three percent in CableLok-equipped stores while increasing in stores without the Checkpoint system. An additional benefit is that because outerwear isn’t being stolen as frequently, it is on the rack and available for purchase, delighting customers and contributing to more sales. Because of its effectiveness, Conway expects to expand CableLok’s use within the chain.

“We congratulate Boscov’s on the project’s success, which resulted largely because of the superior execution of Boscov’s LP and store teams,” said Stuart Rosenthal, vice president of sales and marketing for Checkpoint. “Organized retail crime continues to be a major issue for retailers, increasing the need for product protection. The challenge for retailers is how to best protect the merchandise without negatively impacting sales. In addition, the customer shopping experience is increasingly becoming an important differentiator among retailers and a means to get shoppers to brick-and-mortar locations. CableLok answers both of these challenges.”

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