Checkpoint Systems has partnered with Silpo – one of the largest national chains of food supermarkets in Ukraine – to install a suite of high-performance technologies in its newly opened flagship outlet Blockbuster in Kiev.

Silpo operates 252 supermarkets, 4 Le silpo in 65 cities and towns across Ukraine. It controls more than 370 000 sqm of trade space and is the leading supermarket chain in Fozzy Group's sales, which also includes a cash & carry hypermarkets chain, convenience stores, discounter chain, restaurant business, food production and bank business.

Silpo has chosen the G35 antenna – part of Checkpoint’s EVOLVE iRange family – to meet its need for state-of-the-art technology combined with a stylish design at the checkouts and self-checkout areas. In addition, it installed the NP10 antenna at store entrances and exits featuring NEO technology to boost the standard detection range by up to 35% enabling retailers to increase the distance between each antenna to 2.2m – the widest aisle width available in the retail industry for RF capabilities.

The new NP10 is specially designed for supermarkets and big-box retailers, offering a less intrusive, lightweight and more contemporary look with an award-winning design. The combination of the two antennas offers Silpo the potential capabilities of connecting to online platforms and reporting, guaranteeing remote control, maintenance and reporting of the security system.

In April 2019, Checkpoint Systems and Bizerba Ukraine, a leading solution provider and system integrator for retailers in Ukraine, signed a strategic partnership agreement to fulfil Silpo needs and requirements in anti-theft and loss prevention solutions in all of its new stores, including installation and maintenance services.

Says Taras Nikolaienko of Silpo: “We’ve chosen Checkpoint Systems for its technological capabilities and reputation for high quality and great design. Opening this flagship store requires us to install the best solutions on the market to optimise the customer experience. Silpo offers a premium range of goods sold in stylish surroundings so it was important to us that we also installed technology that would sit well in the outlets.”

David Pradas of Checkpoint adds: “We’re extremely pleased to have partnered with Silpo and Bizerba Ukraine on this project. NEO-enabled antennas provide the widest aisles on the market for RF solutions. This reduces the total amount of antennas needed to be installed. In addition, the opportunity for Silpo to explore remote connectivity in the future means the EAS

investment is maximised for the future. If they decide to look to this in the future, Checkpoint can provide a live system health check and online service support, while alarm-related data can be synchronised to the cloud to provide real-time actionable insights.”


About Silpo

Silpo - one of the largest national chains of food supermarkets in Ukraine. Silpo is a self-service store with an assortment of up to 75,000 items of food and related products depending on the size of the trading area. The retail chain offers only high-quality products of its own brands and own imports. Silpo operates 252 supermarkets, 4 Le silpo in 65 cities and towns across Ukraine. It controls more than 370 000 sqm of trade space.


About Bizerba

Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. A wide range of services from consulting and service, labels and consumables to leasing complete the portfolio.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With around 4.100 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, China and the USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations.