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Checkpoint Systems Announces the Launch of First Inlays With The New Impinj M700 Chips

The new inlays will be 18% smaller, more sensitive, made from 70% recycled content and will set a new standard in the retail industry


Checkpoint Systems – the world’s only vertically integrated RFID solution provider for retail - has announced the official launch of the first inlays with the new Impinj M700 tag chip family through its partnership with Impinj, a leading provider and pioneer of RAIN RFID solutions. Within an early access partner agreement, Checkpoint has been working closely with Impinj to design and validate inlays with the new ICs.


The new chips – Impinj M730 and Impinj M750 – have the highest receive sensitivity (-24 dBm) of any RAIN tag IC, stronger reply signaling and improved AutoTune adaptive RF tuning to optimize performance across a range of materials and operating frequencies.


With the new chips, Checkpoint will release six inlays which will have a longer read distance (up 11%) and a bigger coverage area (up 21%). For example, an inlay which had a 10 meter (32.8 feet) read range using the latest IC from the competition, would now have a read range of 11 meters (36 feet) using the Impinj M700.


One of the six inlays, Njord (44mm x 30mm), will become the smallest ARC certified inlay in categories F and I. Another tag, UNO, will combine RAIN RFID and RF EAS technologies to support both supply chain visibility and theft prevention.


The new inlays by Checkpoint have improved sustainability characteristics. With a 40% reduction in the Impinj chip size, the reduction in material usage for Checkpoint inlays will be 18%. Also, Checkpoint’s inlays are produced with 70% post-consumer waste PET. 


John Dargan, President of Checkpoint Systems, commented: “At Checkpoint, we have made significant investments in our R&D facilities, testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities over the last three years. This allowed us to get involved in the development process of the new chips early on, provide input during the design phase and develop the Impinj M700 family-based inlays ahead of the market. We believe that the new chips and our inlays based on those will become a quantum leap for the retail industry because of their functionality, sensitivity and speed.”


Chris Diorio, CEO of Impinj: The advancements in the new Impinj M730 and M750 tag chips reflect Impinj's mission to extend the Internet of Things to every thing that matters to businesses and people. We are thankful for Checkpoint's support during development and delighted to see them leverage the benefits the Impinj M700 family delivers as they bring-to-market advanced inlays that meet both ARC requirements and growing retailer demand.”

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