Visible Tagging

Visual deterrents to boost protection

From visible circuits to our trademarked Black Lock logo, our range of RF merchandise security labels offers you more options than ever before.

Our Black Lock logo was developed through independent research. With a view of prevention rather than apprehension, the combination of a black padlock symbol and sound waves to represent the alarm proved to be the most effective visual deterrent. Since launching this label to certain lines, it has proven to reduce shrink up to 50%

Reduce shrink and increase sales

Moving away from the traditional, covert approach of concealing EAS labels inside packaging, the visible tagging concept is proven to reduce shrink, increase sales and improve the effectiveness of Source Tagging by amplifying the risk to potential thieves.

In addition, consumer studies show that store managers and shoppers alike, both prefer visible product protection solutions. Combing clear RF labels with visible circuitry with the Black Lock logo gives the best protection EAS labels can offer.

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