RFID Shipping Tables

Real-time fulfilment logistics

Our Distribution Center solutions provide retailers with crucial insight into the accuracy of the quantities and locations of their merchandise from the source to store.

Our RFID Shipping Table solution is designed to read cartons or totes of RFID tagged merchandise massively, in order to speed up the verification of the sorter picking process.

  • Can be installed on a range of non-metallic tables and surfaces

  • Quickly and accurately read boxes and cartons ahead of shipping

  • Locate merchandise throughout the supply chain easier

  • Allow retailers greater control when looking to divert stock during the distribution process

Intelligent logistics

The RFID table enables you to read RFID encoded and tagged items within boxes or cartons prepared for distribution.

Deploying RFID innovations such as our RFID shipping table provides you with near real-time tracking capabilities through your supply chain and distribution operations through to your stores.

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