RFID / IoT Software Solutions

RFID / IoT Software Solutions

Grow sales, transform your customer’s experience and increase process efficiency with our action-oriented software

Get to know HALO, our SaaS inventory management solution using RFID technology. HALO helps retailers and brand owners achieve 98% or greater inventory accuracy, increase on-shelf availability, deliver an omnichannel experience, grow sales and, ultimately, improve financial performance.

HALO tracks every RFID tagged piece of merchandise from the point of manufacturing to the store. With this SKU-level visibility, retailers and brands can leverage every unit of their inventory, regardless of its location or how the customer is buying it.

In the stores

HALO elevates inventory accuracy by revolutionising the inventory count. With an RFID handheld and a smart device, store associates scan shelves, hangers and displays and get accurate data on the store inventory typically within 30-45 minutes. With high inventory accuracy, brands and retailers grow their sales, on average 1.5-5.5% , and some retailers have seen an uplift as high as 10%.

But HALO can do so much more. With three inventory management subscription packages and another for display compliance, it is the industry’s most feature rich IoT software on the market.

Introducing our new monthly
HALO SaaS Subscriptions

HALO transforms fulfilment of omni-channel orders, so BOPIS and ship-from-store orders are sent to stores with the available inventory. The HALO mobile app notifies the store staff of the incoming orders, shows the order information, and helps finding items in the store. With HALO, picking and packing is faster and more reliable.

Task Management

HALO prompts store associates when it’s time to count inventory, replenish shelves, fulfil omnichannel orders, or take any other action needed to maintain inventory accuracy. HALO integrates with the task management apps that store associates are  already using, so they can continue working in a familiar interface

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Display compliance

HALO also has a solution for visual merchandising. With the Display Compliance subscription, the store associates can ensure that the right stock is displayed on time. Store staff tag display items and can scan the displays as often as needed to check if everything is in place.

In the Distribution Centres

HALO provides inventory visibility in the distribution centers, enabling seamless tracking of merchandise from source to shopper. HALO supplements spot checks with a 100% automated receiving audit. Before shipment, it detects errors early, so that only the correct merchandise goes to the stores. With HALO, E-commerce orders are fulfilled in the DCs faster and more efficiently.

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In the Factories

With the audit of outgoing shipments, HALO ensures that all products are tagged correctly, and the right merchandise is shipped to the proper location. HALO provides solutions for retagging and shipment validation and supports generation of Advanced Shipment Notices. At the point of manufacturing, HALO provides the starting point for tracking of merchandise through the supply chain.