Checkpoint Systems Custom Antennas

Connect with your shoppers


Retailers need more from their EAS Loss Prevention solutions. They require custom designs to seamlessly integrate into their store environments.

Checkpoint offers the ability to create something unique, that complements the retailer’s overall vision of their brand and store concept.

Our concepts

Our in-house design team uses the latest state of the art software tools and large format 3D printers to quickly create full size design concepts

Creating your own range of hardware designs in days not weeks

Beautiful design and best in class performance, without compromise - For a connected store that connects with your shopper


Store design can lead to a sales increase of up to

0 %

Power and RF output regulation:  Human Emissions exposure, EMC output, RF regulatory outputs and electrical safety are all tested and approved before we launch any electrical equipment, and most important of these is RF emissions

Regulatory testing of our equipment forms a large portion of any R&D investment when we develop a new product. We pride ourselves in the build quality and consumer safety of our antennas.

Crash Test: To understand the  results of an impact we test the frame strength limits from various angles and measured forces, to ensure they remain intact. Only when we are satisfied that they are more than robust enough do we pass the design for production.

Pull strength test: Should our antenna come under pressure for a longer duration, we want to ensure that if it does break, it does so in the safest way possible to minimise possible  injury. Our antenna is designed to gently deform at set points in the design if a weight limit is exceeded, just like a car is designed to crumple in order to safeguard the occupants. No shattered antenna, or injured shoppers.