Magnet Detection for Retail Security

Empowering Fitting Rooms with Apparelguard: Elevate Security, Elevate Sales.

Combating Organized Retail Crime with Magnet Detection

Organised retail crime (ORC) is on the rise globally; this is due to criminals using increasingly advanced methods of avoiding detection, some of which can defeat traditional EAS anti-theft solutions. Due to the increase in ORC, more and more retailers are concerned about their retail security.

Fitting Rooms are an important aspect to any fashion store, as they offer the customer the space and privacy to try on garments before they buy, but this privacy, away from CCTV and staff members, often creates the perfect place for shop theft. Criminals attempt the removal of the security tag devices by cutting or using stolen or black-market magnetic detachers.

Apparelguard™: Advanced Magnet Detection Solution for Fitting Rooms

Apparelguard™ is the perfect technology agnostic solution for detecting and deterring the use of illegal magnets in the store.

By using magnetic detection technology, the system can alert store staff immediately to suspicious magnet use in any individual fitting room, without the risk of creating false alarms.

How Apparelguard's Magnet Detection Technology Works

When a person who has a magnetic device enters a fitting room, the system registers it.

When a shoplifter removes tags with a detacher, staff are alerted by the portable pager while the shoplifter is still in the fitting room.

Benefits of using Apparelguard™

Detect illegal magnets at the entrance to fitting rooms.​

Drives down loss in the fitting rooms area. ​​

Enable remote device monitoring and compatible with your Store Operations.

An excellent deterrent and detection tool for ORC illegal tag removal​.

How to calculate the Apparelguard ROI?

This section will show you how this innovative magnet detection solution can boost your retail store's ROI. Let's dive into the numbers and uncover how Apparelguard safeguards your merchandise and your profits.

Number of tags found (Units)
Average tag value
Days open per month (# of days)
Monthly shrink cost
Apparelguard investment
ROI (Months)
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