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Introducing innovative packaging designs, anti-theft systems, and RFID-enabled solutions for fragrance, cosmetics, and beauty products.

Challenges in the Health & Beauty industry

Digitalization in the health and beauty industry is crucial due to the wide range of products susceptible to theft. In addition, significant changes are taking place from supply chain management to inventory visibility to creating richer experiences for consumers. So for Health & Beauty retailers, there are two main challenges: To provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience by merging the digital and physical retail worlds; and to ensure supply-chain integrity.

Technology plays a crucial role in this digital transformation. One solution that is gaining ground is adding a digital identity to each product. Checkpoint Systems' digital identification solutions, such as RFID technology, can help brands stay relevant while improving their financial performance. This technology enhances inventory tracking, prevents theft, and enables personalised shopping experiences.

RFID Top Solutions for Health and Beauty

BottleID™, RFID Bottle Digitalization

Thanks to RFID technology, health & beauty brands can digitize their perfumes and other liquids, getting full traceability and avoiding gray market issues.

RFID Intelligent Labels

Optimize inventory control with our customizable RFID labels for H&B. Get real-time product information and exceptional performance for liquids in glass.

RFID In-Store Solutions

By utilizing RFID for loss prevention, Health and Beauty retailers gain enhanced visibility and empower them to reinforce their efforts in preventing losses.

Advantages of RFID for retailers

Unlock the advantages of RFID technology in your store, ensuring complete product traceability for enhanced reliability and trust between the brand and the consumer. Explore the benefits below:

Retailers that have implemented RFID in their H&B stores achieve an average stock accuracy of 93%

With RFID Technology, retailers experienced an increase of up to 9% in sales

Experience a labor saving up to 16 times for display compliance compared to manual processes

Boost product availability both in-store and online through real-time data integration.

Other High Theft Solutions for Health & Beauty


Display your health and beauty merchandise in a captivating manner with our innovative display solution, all while effectively combating Organized Retail Crime (ORC) through the implementation of anti-sweep technology, which reduces theft risks.

Alpha High Theft Solutions

Alpha Solutions gives your merchandise a high theft protection with innovative and technologically advanced products.

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