Proactive Remote Maintenance

We take care of your systems

In a world where connectivity is a must, our proactive remote maintenance service is a new era for connected stores.

Retailers can focus on other tasks whilst we take care of the performance of your EAS systems.

Up to 50% remote
first time fix rates
Data export to retailers'
own productivity tools
Online alerting driven by
service level KPIs
More than 60% of calls
resolved remotely

Level up your maintenance

Our software continuously monitors the health and functionality of your connected devices in your stores, including loss prevention events, people counting and SmartOccupancy in store.

If something occurs at the store, from a system issue or an incident alert, dedicated people in our service team are alerted to solve the issue in 3 different ways; remote maintenance, telephone call to the store and on-site visit by our dedicated technicians.

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Retailers no longer need to worry about their installed systems, we take care of that. If something is wrong, we will proactively resolve the issue.