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Checkpoint Systems predicts huge spike in retail theft in the lead up to Christmas

Christmas theft could cost retailers thousands of dollars


Retail inventory management specialist, Checkpoint Systems, has today expressed serious concerns about the rise in pre-Christmas theft this holiday season and is advising Australian retailers to protect their stores in time for Christmas.

According to Nick Trudgett, General Manager of Checkpoint’s sales and operations, “Christmas is both the best and worst time of the year for retailers.

“On average most retailers will generate nearly 30 percent of their year’s annual sales during the Christmas period, but also suffer 35 percent of their annual losses due to theft, loss and administrative errors.

“With online retail sales continuing to grow, it is more important than ever for retailers to protect their businesses across physical stores, as operating expenses are a lot higher and margins are lower.

“Failing to manage and minimise theft and loss during the Christmas period can virtually destroy a business’ profit potential.”

Recent reports claim supermarkets are losing thousands of dollars worth of meat and other highly desirable goods such as baby formula.  This is driving up the cost of operations for retailers which is being passed on to consumers.   An analysis of loss across the Australian retail sector shows that the most stolen items over the holiday season are:

. Items that are easily concealed (batteries, razors, small technology items)

. Items that are easily removed from packaging (skincare, cosmetics, perfumes)

. Items that are required for entertaining over the holidays (gourmet meat, seafood, alcohol)

. Gift items (branded toys, beauty gift sets)

“The only way to really protect your products and stores is to have technology in place to warn potential thieves that your store is serious about reducing theft and ensuring you have enough appropriately trained personnel on the floor to engage with customers,” Nick added.

“While the technology alerts stores to products being walked out of the store without payment, prevention is usually the best cure.  

“Thanks to advances in technology, and also design, any product can be tagged and tracked.

“Traditionally, retailers would conceal anti-theft tags on their products.  Now behavioural feedback and statistics support the need for ‘visual deterrence’ in loss prevention solutions.  Visual tags are proving to be a better deterrent against opportunistic crime.

“Retailers are now able to use aesthetically appealing Radio Frequency Electronic Article Surveillance (RF EAS) equipment that works together to combat internal and external theft.

“Along with tagging items, we also recommend that stores ensure the floor is appropriately staffed.   Store personnel need to greet and make eye contact with every customer that comes into store.  This, along with visibly tagged products, will put off potential opportunistic shoplifters.

“Retailers need to evaluate their security solutions in technology and human form as a matter of urgency in the lead up to Christmas.”

Checkpoint Systems is Australia’s leading expert in the manufacture and supply of retail loss prevention and merchandise management solutions.  It provides source to shopper loss prevention and merchandise visibility solutions through Radio Frequency Electronic Article Surveillance and Radio Frequency Identification technology.   It works with most of Australia’s leading retailers and offers solutions for single stores through to networks of hundreds of outlets.  


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