BottleID™: Bottle digitalisation with RFID

Unlock the potential of your liquid-centric product through RFID-enabled digitalization for glass bottle containers. This revolutionary solution empowers you to meticulously oversee, optimize, and enhance your operations like never before.

Join the Bottle Digitalisation Revolution

Digitalisation is increasingly covering more fields of business activities, creating new opportunities for the social and economic development of organisations.

Historically, RFID technology was not a suitable solution for certain markets such as wine, Champagne, spirits, and perfumes among others due to their challenging environment.

Liquids impact the RFID performance, making it complex to integrate into a production line. But we found a solution: BottleID™

What is BottleID?

BottleID is a solution based on RFID technology that helps companies dealing with liquid products improve their traceability, distribution, and stock; all thanks to a unique identifier per product.

This is possible thanks to our RFID tags for liquids. These tags have been designed to provide top-level performance against liquids, meaning that the benefits of RFID can now be realised by wine, champagne, spirits, and perfume brands unlike never before.

There are 3 parties involved in this process:


Developed an optimized label for this specific environment with proved performance


New solution integrating advanced technology. Easy to implement solutions


A solution fully integrable with your existing Management System

BottleID across different industries

Food & Beverage

Our BottleID™ solution is perfect for Food and Beverage businesses that want to go digital.

Discover other RFID solutions we offer for this sector.

Health & Beauty

Digitisation of the cosmetics industry is possible thanks to our BottleID™ solution.

Discover other RFID solutions we offer for this sector.

Key Benefits of Bottle Digitalisation

Thanks to the latest RFID technologies from Checkpoint, you can protect your brand and have full traceability of individual products from the moment they’re bottled through to purchase.

Improve quality tracking by
associating key information at the
bottle level.

Display provenance by assigning unique identifiers associated with D.O. / Tax Band serial numbers.

Identify bottles sold in non-authorized markets with greater ease.

Success Customer Stories

How Mixer is using RFID technology to digitalise their perfumes.

Discover how Checkpoint helped Mixer digitalise their perfumes to
obtain traceability from manufacturing to stores thanks to RFID

Discover the Grey Market Challenge

Uncover how unauthorised distribution channels can impact
your brand's reputation and pricing strategies. Introducing
BottleID's RFID solution – a game-changer that combats the
grey market.

By leveraging RFID technology, your products gain unique digital identities, enabling real-time tracking throughout the supply chain. Safeguard your brand, authenticate products, and bolster consumer trust. Prevent the grey market's detrimental effects with BottleID.

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