The best of both

The UNO label format combines all the benefits of EAS protection and RFID intelligence in one. The UNO label provides a solution for multiple use cases via the (RAIN) communication interface – for example; inventory management, fast shop floor stock counts, and frictionless checkout all while continuing with protection from RF EAS detection.

One solution. Many advantages.

For retailers who have already invested in RFID solutions, UNO combines the benefits of their existing EAS systems for loss prevention, while enabling their RFID inventory management processes, in one tag.

Retailers using EAS today and on the RFID adoption journey can continue their current in-store processes during the hardware rollout without having to have separate (and increase) inventory for different tagging requirements. If the RFID deployment and installation of hardware takes an extended period of time, your UNO tagged items will still be protected with traditional RF EAS meaning there's no need to retag, saving time and money.

The innovative dual technology RF/RFID label enables retailers to realize all the benefits associated with RFID without having to wait for full hardware installation in all their locations.

Increases on-shelf availability and reduces theft
High performance label for accurate inventory counts
Eliminates time and costs of applying multiple multiple tags
Diversity of application to suit all retailers' requirements

UNO Tag - Made to fit

The UNO EP can be used as a stand-alone label or converted into a tailored product including sew-in labels, pocket tags, swing tickets or any number of branded solutions. This provides retailers with an abundance of application choices while protecting a wide range of merchandise types from hanging apparel and shoe boxes to cosmetic and beauty products.

Applied at source for full inventory visibility and deactivated as part of the regular RF label deactivation process at the checkout, the UNO label provides greater data transparency and an enhanced shopper experience without added complications or the need for removing additional tags.

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