Care Content Labels & More

Essential information, beautifully displayed

An integral part of every garment manufactured today, the Care and Content label has grown to entail more than just care symbols and fabric compositions. Our range of printing options and fabrics allows brands even greater control over how they supply and display this legally required information to their customers.

Intelligent by design

Care and content labels no longer have to have sole functionality. Our range of RFID integrated intelligent solutions allows brands and retailers to take advantage of this labeling requirement to hold the data required for a better customer store experience including on-shelf availability and a seamless self-checkout process

Speciality Trim and Accessories

Trim items, such as zipper pulls, badges and patches provide the finishing & functional touches to garments and reinforce your item's premium "look & feel".

Our full-package solution offers retailers, brand owners and manufacturers a variety of specialty packaging and trim options to promote brand image, including fasteners, locking seals, patches and garment-specific display solutions

Inspiration by design

View our previous examples and designs of care content labels and garment accessories to complete your products.

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