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Maximise profits and minimise losses with RFID: Unbeatable stock accuracy for increased sales and customer loyalty!

Industry Challenge

In today's fast-paced fashion landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a strategic approach to overcome obstacles and unlock growth opportunities.

We know that efficient stock management, enhancing the productivity of your store operations, and loss prevention are some of the main challenges facing fashion brands today. But we also know that you care about your customers and want to offer them the best shopping experience. That's why it's also important to reduce friction at the Point of Sale (POS) by speeding up checkout time, and providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

Meeting these industry challenges is possible thanks to RFID technology. From source tagging for real-time traceability, to better in-store EAS systems, to inventory control thanks to state-of-the-art RFID software.

RFID Top Solutions for Apparel and Footwear


SFERO is our fully customizable modular RFID loss prevention system with high detection performance. The perfect match for fashion brands!

RFID intelligent labels

RFID labels provide real-time information about your products. We tailor our RFID labels to meet the needs of each client, offering high customization capabilities.

ItemOptix™, RFID Inventory Software

ItemOptix is a reimagined Inventory Management Solution that helps retailers to optimize their stock, minimize losses, and drive sales.

Benefits of RFID for fashion brands

RFID technology enables complete traceability of the product, which results in reliability for both the brand and the consumer. Below you can see the advantages of using RFID in your store:

Inventory Accuracy up to an impressive 99% in the stores

Customers save up to 5 seconds per item during checkout, improving the shopping experience

Employees no longer needed to scan price tags individually, labor savings up to 16X for display compliance compared to a manual process

Increase product availability in-store and e-commerce thanks to real-time data

Alpha High Theft Solutions for Apparel

The Gen7: our RFID Hard Tag

A user-friendly design for easy removal at POS, with an innovative locking mechanism to deter shoplifters.

2 Alarm®: RFID CableLoks

A solution designed to minimize losses, increase sales, and provide versatile open merchandising options.

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Other Apparel Solutions

Apparel Labeling Solutions

The single source for retailers with branding, RFID intelligent labeling and identification needs.

In-store RFID Solutions

RFID technology enables apparel stores a better customer experience and store stock management.

RFID Solutions for Supply Chain

RFID technology offers the capability to achieve full transparency of your products, from their origin to the store.

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