Alpha Spider Wraps

The flexible and secure
solution for six-sided packages

Our Spider Wraps have become the industry standard in high theft security and are trusted by more than 500 retailers worldwide.

Their expandable cables are able to protect a wide range of medium to large-sized merchandise.

Range of sizes to fit almost any packaging
Available in 2 or 3 alarm varieties for increased deterrent
Reusable, one piece
Easy to apply and remove
in store

Designed to fit around your business

Whatever you want to protect, there's a Spider Wrap for that. Designed to be difficult to remove in-store by thieves yet simple enough to apply and remove by your staff at point of sale, our range of Spider Wraps can protect all of your boxed products.

Not sure there's an option for your product? Use our Spider Selector to pick the perfect solution that's right for your business.