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Retail is changing, driven by consumer behavior

Software is becoming a part of everyday life. The key for retailers to engage in this digital transformation is the need to improve in-store customer experiences. The retail industry is exposed to rising expectations driven by digital technology, online and integrated omni-channel commerce.


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(International Council of Shopping)

Transforming the way you do business, intelligently

Checkpoint’s Business Intelligence (BI) connects hardware, consumables and services onto one software platform transforming your store’s data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed business decisions, driving successful outcomes. Making each day relevant.

6 key areas of focus

We have identified 6 areas in retail environments where a combination of our class leading consumables and hardware can be enhanced by intelligent software services, getting more value from your assets and helping you continually improve your customer’s journey.

Supply Chain Control

RFID-based solutions to help retailers track and trace stock, improving their inventory accuracy, minimising loss and maximise their capital investments.

Distribution Centre

RFID-based solutions to help retailers improve their inventory accuracy at DC, support omnichannel and Supply Chain efficiencies, reducing losses and errors.

Store inventory management

RFID-based solutions to help retailers improve their in-store inventory accuracy & OSA to provide great shopper experiences while maximising thir capital investments.

Store Operations

Real-time data capture from various Sensor technologies around the store to help retailers deliver heightened customer service for improved shopping experiences & loss reductions.


RFID-based solutions to help retailers reduce errors, improve efficiencies and deliver seamless omnichannel experiences for their customers.

ORC Prevention

A combination of Intelligence led solutions, from tagging to real-time data analytics, to help retailers deter, detect & displace organised retail crime type threats.

Data you need, when you need it

Not all data sets are the same, or require the same responses. The Checkpoint cloud is designed to deliver on 3 levels, for intuitive data optimization.

In-store instant alerts

Real-time event responses

Some in-store sensors depend on fast response times and we know how important receiving instant notifications are to measuring and maintaining these.

Alert triggers such as call buttons, shelf sweep or CCTV image capture need immediate action, every second counts, we call this ‘data ricochet’. The results delivered are measurable. The store ‘Edge box’ is responsible for driving this ‘true real-time’ action. In-Store responses and reaction times are then sent to the cloud so stores performances can be monitored to near perfect accuracy.

Event transmission processing

Near real-time task management led activities

Sending event data up to the cloud and then back to a mobile device for near real-time accuracy tends to be the norm with most retail technology.

For example, it’s not critical if there is a 5 second delay to you receiving a notification that you are out of size 10 jeans.

The amount of data that can be processed, managed and then displayed on in-store apps or dashboards makes this a diverse and scalable method.

Dashboard analytics

Over of all real-time and near real-time activities for performance and KPIreview

So you have multiple data streams flowing in real-time and near real-time, but how do you measure what is actually working well for your business?

The Checkpoint dashboard is capable of managing data from every store, DC or warehouse across your estate – from 5 to 5,000, every minute of the day, every day of the week.

The intuitive business processors in the cloud calculate and display the most pertinent information in a summary report on the dashboard homepage.

From there you can review, compare performances, drill down into individual areas – giving you full control over what sensors/technology are delivering the best results for your estate and help you identify problem areas that need addressing.