DUÉ Mini Label

Combining UHF RFID and NFC in one label

Combining two technologies in one inlay, the DUE Mini label offers brands the chance to engage with their customers through NFC technology whilst realizing the benefits of UHF RFID-controlled inventory management.

The inlay can be placed in a range of different solutions to suit your branding and trim requirements; from pocket tags to price stickers and labels. Applying one label saves time and money during the production process and makes it easier and faster to attach to your garments.

Engaging your customers

Retailers already invested in RFID, or on the RFID adoption journey, can continue take full advantage of the usual benefits that RFID brings with increased inventory accuracy throughout the supply chain and in store.

The added benefit of the DUÉ label is that it now allows brands an extra possibility and channel to engage with their customers, maximizing their current investment.

By engaging with the inlay, in whatever format you have applied it to, with their NFC-enabled smartphone, you can direct them to whatever location you have encoded for displaying product information, sustainability credentials, recommendations or whatever you need it to be.

Offers easy route to increase customer engagement
High performance label for accurate inventory counts
Eliminates time and costs of applying multiple multiple tags
Can be incorporated into different label types

Why NFC?

NFC technology gives brands to link to dynamic, personalized experiences they've created at the tap of a tag with a customer's smartphone, prior or post-purchase.

With roughly 3 billion NFC enabled smartphones in use globally, with the right experience behind it, NFC can keep customers connected with brands and their garment at many different stages of the purchasing journey, and could offer potential cross-sell and upsell opportunities to increase LTV of a customer.

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